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Bringing safe and Healthy international flavors to the table of Canadians and the world.

Canadian eh?

Canadian and Family owned and operated since 2010, Imagoh Foods is one of the leading multi-faceted Federal Meat processors in Canada.  Our product quality and service speaks for itself.  As the world is getting smaller and diversity is on the rise, we are your partner to introduce worldly cuisines that are safe and affordable to the customer. 

High standards of food safety

Establishment number 741
Pro-Cert Organic


Our Management team has over 20 years of production and product development experience. We have a team of in-house chef's as well as scientifically trained R&D teams to bring concepts to markets for all our diverse customer's needs.

ProDuction capabilities

Fully Cooked RTE, Par-fry, Steam, Boil, Oven, Sous-vides, breaded, batter, portioning, marinating, skewering, grinding, forming, soups, microwavable meals, meal kits, Hot Pot slicing meats, steaking, hand made appetizers...

Service minded

Some of the products we produce & co-pack for our customers

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What our customers create with Imagoh's products
Fully Cooked Japanese Pork Belly

Our Fully Cooked Japanese Pork Belly rolls are perfect for making sliders, pizza toppings, fried rice and etc…


Hand Made & Machine Made Asian Dim Sum

We make an array of frozen IQF dim sum.  Our experienced workers with our in house chef’s combine to make restaurant grade for you to serve.  Just like you made it fresh. 

Frozen & Fresh Chinese Species Goose

Farm raised in Canada, we have the authentic Chinese genetic goose available for your restaurant/supermarket needs.  Your customers would appreciate the tenderness of this species of goose.  

Fully Cooked & Par Fried Chicken breast for saucing

Our chain food service customers use these to serve General Tsao and Sweet and Sour at the steam tables at all major foodcourts in shopping malls in North America

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